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From regular lawn mowing to complex projects, Bolvito Lawn Care and Maintenance has right mix of know-how, experience, tools, contacts, and vendors to help you achieve from your most basic request to your most ambitious turf objectives.

Below you will find some of our services, feel free to call us, or click on the button below and fill out the form to request a free estimate.

lawn mower, green lawn at the family house. summer day sunny weather. Rotary mower in the

Regular lawn care

Be it a 1 time only service, or every 2 weeks, or weekly, you can count on us to keep your grass looking at its best every time.

A Gardeners Hand Sowing Lawn Seed.jpg


We can get the seed for you, or you can get it yourself, and we will spray it where your lawn needs it. Remember to water the area w/seeds, twice a day.

Pile of plugs of soil removed from sports field. Waste of core aeration technique used in

Lawn Aeration

Increase the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients to your grass' roots. You can get your own extra seed, or we can get it for you, and we will spray it on the aerated area.

A gardener cuts tree branches with large garden shears. Pruning trees in the spring, close


  • Removal cut

  • Reduction cut 

  • Heading cut 

  • Removing dead branches


Gutters Clean-Ups

Prevents water damage & protects your roof. Keeps pests from causing trouble & reduces the risk of a cracked foundation.

Spring cleanup, rake in the garden.jpg

Spring Cleanup

Air blow and rake leaves, sticks, small branches and other natural debris. Gathering, bagging, removal and disposal included.

Garden landscaping project with new turf grass being laid,.jpg


From one single square foot to a thousand feet, and more, we have access to nurseries with the best Sod quality and largest variety available.

Gardener woman dethatching lawn with a roller moss removal rake in the autumn garden.jpg


We will remove the layer of dead grass, leaves and other natural material that resides between the grass blades and the soil surface. With or without the lawn aeration.



Our trimming services will help you keep your trees, shrubs and bushes beautiful all year round. Trimmed material disposed of.



You can rent the container, or we can do it for you, and we help you remove and dispose of unwanted Junk items.

Male gardener working in the garden doing the mulching at the start of spring kneeling in


With/without landscaping fabric, you choose the color and type. We can get it for you or you can get it yourself and we will install it.

Fence built from wood. Outdoor landscape. Security and privacy concept. Vancouver. Canada.


Shade, privacy & ornamental planting, or transplanting. We can can get the trees and plant them, or you can get them yourself, and we plant them.

Man cleaning red concrete pavement blocks using high pressure water cleaner. Paving cleani

Power Washing

Do you want to restore your home’s siding, deck, driveway or other outdoor surfaces to their original look? We can also provide this service for you.

Autumn clean in garden back yard. Rake and pile of fallen leaves on lawn in autumn park. V

Fall Clean-Ups

Air blow & rake all leaves, sticks, small branches and other natural debris. Gathering, bagging & disposal included.

Workers removing first snow from pavement.jpg

Snow Removal

After a snowfall, we will come and clean your front walkway and stairs, your driveway and the back path to your car.

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