About Us

Say hello to the Bolvito family, Metuchen natives and proud members of a small community!  

Adolfo and Amanda are high school sweethearts, marrying just months after the school opened their doors for the Senior class of 2008 to start their adult journey.  They have 3 blessings; the oldest children thrive in Metuchen Public Schools, while the youngest shines in a local private preschool.

After enormous hardships as teen parents and family related illnesses, the couple took the extreme risk to start a small business to brighten their future and that of their children.  They have become greatly successful by resonating with the Metuchen community's desire to make a difference.  The family strongly believes that although they may not make a difference in the world, they can make a difference in someone's world.  They have collected coats for the homeless in Newark, they have made bagged lunches for the homeless in New Brunswick, they have collected First Communion attire for children in the Diocese of Metuchen, they have provided necessities for local families in need, and much more, including donating 5% of all of their business income to many different organizations and individuals.

The Bolvito family's strong moral convictions pour over into their business.  They have used the teachings of their faith to build a reputation of high standards that allows customers to trust that they are being given a fair price for the requested work and that their property is safe, even if the homeowner is not home.

Let Adolfo and Amanda Bolvito show you that supporting a local family is worth it.  If you choose BLC, you are choosing to encourage their son to play soccer, their daughter to excel in violin, and their toddler to make memories in school.